YMCA of Northwest North Carolina

We provided design, engineering, project management and commissioning of solar thermal facilities at 6 YMCAs of Northwest North Carolina. This included procuring Solar Power Purchase agreements (PPA). Working with the customer to specific requirements, the UGC team conceptualized the design, worked with engineers and vendors to identify and resolve design issues and to build and commission the project. The solar power generation facilities were designed to use water as a heat transfer medium. By using water instead of glycol, the solar facility is able to create and sustain a hotter water temperature that ultimately increases the amount of energy the YMCA can offset from conventional fossil fuel heating sources, dramatically reducing the YMCA's carbon footprint.

  • 1.9 MW of solar power installed.
  • Five solar installations have 50 Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) in rooftops providing approximately 7,374 therms annually.
  • One 210 ETC installed giving approximately 31,264 therms annually.
  • The renewable energy generated offsets 2,632,699 lbs. of C02, equivalent to reducing 2,597,854 miles of cars driven, and saves 301,200 trees.

Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, Parris Island Beaufort, South Carolina

UGC provided design, engineering, project management and commissioning for the U.S. Marine Corps at their Parris Island facility in Beaufort, South Carolina. The MCRD uses the system to provide cooling and hot water for the 15 Battalion mess hall. The solar thermal air-conditioning system consists of 85 evacuated tube collectors - A unique advantage of the design utilized water as the heat transfer medium in the solar collectors with absolutely no concentration of glycol.

  • Powered by 85 ETC.
  • Roof-mount racking system for 125 mph hurricane rating.
  • 1000 gallons of hot water storage and 80 ton adsorption chiller.
  • Offsetting approximately 14,000 therms of natural gas annually.
  • Excess solar hot water used by domestic hot water system.
  • Balanced design with existing infrastructure and backup energy sources.

MARTA Rapid Transit Authority, Laredo Bus Maintenance Facility, Atlanta, GA

The solar canopy project included design and installation of a 1.17 MW photovoltaic system connected to the existing facility and to the Georgia Power electrical grid.

The photovoltaic system installed on a steel canopy structure (approximately 190,000 SF) that is over an existing bus parking lot/maintenance facility.

  • The structures comprised of steel and concrete and draped with integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) cells.
  • 220 bus parking stalls.
  • Generate electricity equal to the facility's annual electricity consumption.
  • Canopy has an incredible ability to reduce temperature by 50 degrees underneath the structure due to efficient shading enabling the buses to quickly reach comfortable cabin temperature.
  • At the time of installation, the structure was the largest of its kind in the state of Georgia - expected to save over $7 million in the systems expected useful life.

Fletcher Solar Thermal Project

2 MW Solar Generation project - provided design, engineering, project management and commissioning of facilities at Fletcher Business Park in Fletcher, NC.

Daimler Chrysler

Solar Thermal Boiler/Chiller Integration Energy Assessment - provided design, engineering, project management and commissioning of facilities for Freightliner in Cleveland NC and Gastonia NC.

Roche Pharmaceutical

Solar Thermal Boiler/Chiller Integration Energy Assessment - provided design, engineering, project management and commissioning of facilities in Florence, South Carolina.

Hartfield/Jackson International Airport

The Atlanta Airport Authority engaged us to perform the assessment and preliminary design for a 6 MW solar PV system. The 6 MW array is located on the South facing slope of the new fifth runway.

Georgia National Guard, Dobbins AFB

Installation of a 75 KW roof-mounted array to power the Georgia National Air guard facility at Dobbins Air Force Base.

Veterans Administration Hospital

Site assessment, design and analysis for two hospitals for the Veterans Administration totaling more than 11 MW. Included site assessment, electrical one-line, primary interconnect for solar canopies and ground mounted arrays.

Green Wave Partners - Tennessee Valley Authority - PPA

Engineered, procured and constructed a roof mounted array for Green Wave Partners to meet their needs for a PPA with TVA.

City of Foley, Alabama

Design/build solar array at city hall, with solar kiosk demonstrating real time metering and monitoring, located at two locations.

Scottsboro City School - Collins Elementary - Solar Learning Lab

Design/build solar lab with solar kiosk located at seven locations throughout the school district.